Saturday, 12 March 2016

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We were busy in the garden today, new shrubs and plants. Now nursing sore muscles and backs.....always the same after Winter.
Now for more fun stuff from my archive - just for you!

Meet "The Spoon Man" from South Africa

Thanks Jeanette

Another beer please!

Thanks Klaus!


Full English Breakfast (but made in Wales!)

Thanks Reg!

Descriptive names for various animals

From Russia......Selfies from Ladies who maybe shouldn't!

Holy Cow!

Mythbuster speaks out!

Big Brother eh?

The Italians will be seething - Pizza with Penne - apparently

Thought you were smart eh!

Is this a record?

Oh! Yes!

Thanks Martin!

Sump oil more like!

Thanks again Reg!

One way to do it!
Thanks Susi!

And I thought that UK tax men were dim!

Revenge of the Transformer

Preposterous sofa - but then it seems to work!

Just love the Cousin's slogans!

One of the original Lego ads

How about a few good old fashioned animated gifs - to send you cross eyed!

Bullies - you picked on the wrong one this time!

Fish are jumpin - Oh!

He grabs a lift - whoops!

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Another dry and settled day with sunny intervals and excellent visibility. North Easterly winds 13mph, gusting 22mph  Min 1c  Max 9c  Chance of rain 5%

Thanks very much for your support!



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