Saturday, 26 March 2016

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, To all our friends and followers throughout the World we wish you a very Happy Easter!
If you don't do Easter, well never mind, I'm sure you have an equivalent festival either earlier of later. Now for a bit more pictorial and video fun!

I am wondering how many takes?

Thanks Susi!

Kamikazi Hamster!

Thanks Mags!

As you have time on your hands - there are extra pictures!

Photobombed by stranded whale!

Yes! The idiot can't work it out!

Another idiot!

Ok! OK! It's her arm right?

Airforce One returns from the historic visit to Havana!

Not what you think! - Not a Bear but a German shepherd/ Akita/ Corgi cross
very cute though!

Freudian (intentional) slip!

Thanks Jamie!

The IT rescue team!

If I was in A & E I would stand him in the corner and make him wait till they melted!!!

 Thanks Susi and Mags!

Here Here!


From the signs I guess it's a Marina, but what's going on - no idea!

I decided this is a Transexual Centaur

I'm not sure whether this selfie is advertising!

Kaboom! - Although I understand they are designed to withstand this

Bit harsh!

Words of wisdom from Igor!

 Thanks again Susi!

I wonder how log it will be before he notices.....

He has his priorities right! - Cars - what cars?

That look says it all!

Not very often can you say "That wave was so big it knocked my knickers off"!

I don't think she knows - or cares!

Not sure what's going on at the yoga class !


Hey Guys! Here come the Ladies!

Thanks Rita!

They thought at first it was an old tyre! - It is a relative of the Portuguese Man o' War

Harwich Weather for Easter Sunday

Sunshine and showers, these perhaps heavy and thundery at times. South Westerly winds 22mph, gusting 37mph Min 6c  Max 11c chance of rain 50% rainfall 4mm
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your continued support!



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