Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We had a small amount of computer things to do, walked by the sea as usual, now it is time to dig around and try to conjure up a few more bits and pieces for your entertainment. Enjoy!

One of the very first things seen on Youtube in 2006, maybe the precursor to Beatboxing!

The boys from Hydraulics Press are back - I love the guy's Russian accent!

After the debacle of naming the Polar research ship, the Irish are getting in on the act!

Ah! - That's how they do it!

They had floods in Texas yesterday!

Ozzie Barbecue!

 Thanks Bill!


Trust the Aussies to think up a spicy name for a lane!

Trust the boy to give his sister a controller that's not plugged in!


Don't trust them!

Death by hungry bunnies!

At this hotel you can dial up a bedtime story!

Father's day is not far off!

Thanks Robert!


Clever truck decor!

Procrastination rules!

Thanks again Robert!

A very slow but fun way to pop corn!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Some sunshine possible, but largely cloudy at times. Easterly winds 15mph, gusting 25mph
Min 6c  Max 13c  Chance of rain 10%
Thanks Essexweather.com 

Thanks for your support!



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