Monday, 24 October 2016

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, They forecast 90% chance of rain......we had no rain! We were busy preparing for a visit to family in Wales, sorry no more funnies until Friday, so I hope that tonight's effort will keep you going until then!

She reinforces his dream!

Tee Hee ......but they could have slowed down!

Thanks Klaus!

The Fresh Prince visits Hugh Hefner

Go on Safari? - You're having a laugh aren't you?

Athens street art

A Likely Tale!

His Girlfriend caught her hair in her zip!

Love the e-mail address on their truck!


This cop fled to the roof, and waited for the owner to return,
rather than shoot the dogs

These pumpkins were grown into moulds to get faces.......how grotesque is that?

Mr Data, that's not very likely!

This is Miss Iceland, one of the pageant judges suggested she lose weight,
she did the sensible thing and walked out!

Poor old chuck!

It says Monday morning at the zoo!

Thanks Klaus!

The "Who you lookin at" standoff!

Derek's Jokes
Thanks Derek!

Ha Ha Ha!

Thanks again Klaus!

Evar wondered why there are so many craters on the moon?

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

A brighter day once any low cloud breaks and fog lifts. Feeling milder. Easterly winds 6mph, gusting 10mph  Min 7c  Max 15c  Chance of rain 15%
Thanks Essexweather.com

Harwich Weather Now

Thanks for calling by!


(See you Friday)

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