Friday, 30 December 2016

Friday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was Fog all day today so stayed indoors, we started taking down the Christmas decorations, and I fiddled with computers, but now I must concentrate on the business in hand, that is
to make you laugh - just a little!

Suspected car thief spotted!

More idiots...

Exploring his feminine side?

Rhino camouflage

Not an insurance claim scam, just Tibbles lying in the sun!

It says " Sorry but for some days I will not be sending any emails, or answering,
my neighbour is painting her ceiling and I have to hold the ladder!"

 Thanks Klaus!

This one says "A*se cold today!

Thanks again Klaus!

It says "Your look when someone asks who farted!"

Thanks yet again Klaus!

Face swap with his parrot creates something very scary!

Online he thought he was buying a backpack!

He forgot his keys so he "Chained the dog up" - he was a good boy!

Unique picture of a transplant patient holding her own heart!

Big Hint!

Headline "Tree eats fence!"

The people who invented this sort of sticky label - should burn in Hell!

Musical water curtain

Fun in the snow!

 Harwich Weather for New Year's Eve

It will be dry, but mainly cloudy, although some brighter spells will likely develop during the afternoon. It will become increasingly breezy through the day. Maximum temperature 9 deg C.

 Harwich Weather Now

 Thanks for calling by!



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