Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Last night with friends, we had dinner at the new Turkish restaurant, here in town,and it was great! The down side was, no blog! So to make amends, I have been digging round for a few special bits and pieces - just for you!

Pay the barber? Pah! I can do it myself!

Splash! - Pass the seasick pills!

These kids do Michael Jackson - so well!

Thanks Klaus!

Dad was asked to fetch the tree from the cellar.
Now either he's a packaging genius - or he was just darned lazy last year!

Elvish Donut
(In UK it is Doughnut - sorry cousins)

When you eventually see it you will......

Baby photo - must be from Oz!

Italian street art -
from your better class of graffito!

Love it! "100% Silk feeling polyester"!!!!

So his wife said"A bit more to the right .... a bit more"..........

Nice Ice Baby!

 Thanks Robert!


Say Cheese Guys!

I can't make up my mind whether this take away
is attached to the cable system or not!

Take one ordinary old tree, add some glowing eyes to it -
and a monster appears!

Thanks for knitting this Grandma - really thanks!

I love the expression on the lady's face !

Nothing need be said!

Very clever, but somehow creepy !

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Much milder with occasional spells of sunshine. South Westerly winds 13mph, gusting 21mph  Min 7c  Max 13c Chance of rain 10%

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Thanks as ever for your continuing support!



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