Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, I worked on the boat am, then pm we moved our water feature which involved altering the electrics, and no I do not have sparks coming out of my ears! Now for more funnies - just for you!

Badly positioned camera on a jump shot looks like they hanged themselves!

Tee Hee good old NL!

They don't hang about!

I don't blame him!

To their great surprise, while sorting out the deceased estate - they found this!

It says "how to get a six pack without doing sport!"

Thanks Klaus!

You can get a degree in gender studies?.............Oh! Lordy!

Karen Gillan with her two body doubles!

In Australia Autumn is just beginning!

What a cheapskate hotel!!!

In this German newsagents, they cleverly arranged the papers!

Thanks again Klaus!

Stupid ass, that will teach you not to dress as a polar bear!!!

Fishtank 1 - Cat 0 !

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Rain will gradually edge Eastwards, reaching many parts of the district by the afternoon or early evening. Ahead of the rain dry and bright, becoming locally warm. Maximum temperature 17 deg C.
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