Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was grey and chilly here today, shopped for elderly Aunt. PM the dog arrived, so we walked. The Circus is in town so it was a bit noisy, never mind.

Same girl - different angle......let it go dearie!

Rude but it made many people smile!

They put a fake snake up there to stop the swallows nesting -
she built her nest on top of the snake!

Huge whoops! He kicked his office door open this morning!

First I thought "Philosophical truth" but then.........!

She walked into a wall, here's the inside of her glasses!

You pay peanuts - you get monkies!

This snake eats an egg whole!

First I thought - philosphical, but then.........!

His little daughter drew a cartoon of her Dad and had it made into a mug
for Fathers Day!

It says "Kim's Latest Provocation!

Thanks Klaus!

I know what you're thinking - but it's her elbow!

Nice one Justin!

I think we should tell Westminster!

Dutch Librarians do have a sense of humour!

Yeah Right!

Yes this is how Sperm Whales sleep!

It took him three and a half years to teach his dog to smile
here's the result!

They drove into the Walmart car park blaring out the Dukes of Hazard
theme, never stopped to shop - just drove round and round!

He couldn't find his dog so he offered a treat - and Bingo!

Thanks Chaps!

Just wanted to see that you've cleared up!

Oldie but goodee!

Thanks Klaus - for both!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Continuing rather cloudy, although there will also be brighter periods and these are likely to again trigger isolated heavy thundery showers. Winds mostly light. Maximum temperature 19 deg C.
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