Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Continues hot here, but we are promised cooler weather this week. Worked on the boat am. and cowered in the shade again pm watching TV. Now for the job in hand where I hope to amuse y'all!

I'd like to be there when the next golfer retrieves his ball!

 The World's Unlickiest man!

The original Wonder Woman in the 70s. I often wondered when she became
Wonder Woman what she did with her handbag!

Anonimous digs himself a hole!

Funny, but I can't think the QR reader would accept it!

The power of nature tree struck by lightning in Texas!

This is me!

She's asking for trouble, I guess it's a phone holder!

Tee Hee!

 Thanks Derek!

This took me a minute!

An Estate Agent with a sense of humour !

What Dads do, he stopped in the middle of a 600 mile trip to do this!

Even Amazon has a sense of humour!

Not stuck!

Fire eater looks like he's kissing a Fire Dragon
(Touch of Photoshop I fear!)

Stag beetles are very STRONG!

Exreme low maintenance hairstyle!

Doggy Whoops!

Camera Whoops!

Harwich Weather for Monday

Often cloudy with intermittent rain or locally heavy, thundery showers later. Some bright or sunny intervals are likely at times. Feeling warm or very warm. Mainly light winds. Maximum temperature 23 deg C.
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