Monday, 27 November 2017

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Today we visited one of our best friends who had a birthday, so tea and cakes were the order of the day. PM it rained so we stopped in. Now
it is time to dig around for more new stuff, just for you!

He is on tip toes!

We visited here 25 years ago - the arch at the park entrance is deer antlers, constructed by the local scouts

2 years ago he ate an avocado and planted the seed - here it is now!

She asked her Dad for a shirt of Old Groups - she hadn't even heard of them!

We all know one!

Thanks Ann!

When she visited she told him that her top matched his shower curtain.
On the next visit she proved it!

Love it!

 Thanks Gloria!

Amazing Mosque ceiling!

My Wife said pee only sitting down
This is fashion in Germany but not with a urinal!

Thanks Klaus!

At the carnival - how about a Llama Lobster!

Nicholas Cage leg tattoo!

It was meant to be a midnight snack!

First time I saw an animal face swap!

She asked her husband to cut vents in the pie!

Parenting is very tiring!

He bought his Mum a new fridge - she loves it!


More QI Elves

Not the best one to crash into!

How not to park!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Frosty to begin, then dry, cold and mostly sunny during the morning. Becoming a little cloudier by the afternoon with perhaps the odd light shower, though much of Essex remaining dry.
Maximum temperature: 5 deg C 
Wind: North-West 9 mph, gusting 18 mph
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your continuing support!



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