Thursday, 21 December 2017

Thursday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a very grey day. Dog walked when the rain stopped. Expedition to the post office, otherwise fiddling with computer. Now I will do my best as usual to entertain, just for you!

Coming through re-entry was the most challenging bit!

More lights!

This rubbishy waxworks seems to have Trump mixed up with Hillary Clinton!

Up undercarriage! Boofles clears the drain!

He left some decorations outside, when he went out that night -
 he nearly scared himself to death!

Pay peanuts - you get monkeys!

He gave this deer a biscuit, about half an hour later he returned
with his whole family!

What's the difference between a Piano, a Tuna and a Pot of Glue?

How about a Gingerbread Imperial Star Destroyer?

Makes you think doesn't it?

This placemat seems to bend space-time!

When the first version of Halo was released, this guy had his  signed by Bill Gates.
That was the only one that was ever signed!

Ooh! - Ballerina legs!

They bought the dog a larger bed, look what they found in it a little while later!

This morning he looked out and thought that his dog was looking a bit odd!

This thoughtful newspaper has left two pages that can be used as wrapping paper!

Derek's Joke
Thanks Derek!

Er Fred - I think that we should move now!


Harwich Weather for Friday

Patchy rain and murky conditions to start, but this slowly clearing to give a dry, mild, but rather cloudy day across Essex with light winds.
Maximum temperature: 11 deg C 
Wind: West 6 mph, gusting 13 mph
Thanks Essexweather.com

My weather station live

Weather Underground PWS IHARWICH4

Thanks for calling by!



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