Saturday, 24 March 2018

Saturday's Funnie

Dear Family and Friends, We worked in the garden today, nearly finished now. Nursing our aches and pains indoors in front of the TV. Publishing early, as we are meeting friends tonight. Enjoy!

Strawb says "Yay"!

Thanks Rosemary!

It's a bit wobbly, but this is rare!

Boys - This young lady is half Chinese and half Icelandic - 
an interesting melange!

I have often wondered that!

And the time is......

Thanks Dinesh!

We know where you're going with this!

Me too!

Thanks Robert!

Another Great Truth!

Thanks again Robert!

There's always one!

Thanks yet again Robert!

Oh! Yes! Please!

Thanks Gloria!

The Generation Gap!

She worked it out!!!

Love it!

Slogans from Oz (Almost as good as the Cousins')

Thanks Maureen!

I don't understand this......

Thanks Derek!


Catching a few rays

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Initially overcast and locally misty with outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. Gradually drier conditions with sunny spells will extend across all parts of Essex. A odd light shower may develop later.
Maximum temperature: 11 deg C 
Wind: North 7 mph, gusting 16 mph
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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