Monday, 23 April 2018

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, I've been hobbling today, started my walk, but quickly headed for home! Domestic Goddess dispensed Volterol, and I must admit it has helped. PM we fixed a Man Overboard ladder on the boat, prior to launch. Now back home to dig for more little gems for your amusement!

He heard scraping on the concrete and 
looked round to see this!

Reg at his best!

A small boy drew this Pig Unicorn thingy!

Love the Cousins' slogans!

This headmaster challenged the kids that if they read collectively for 1000 minutes
he would pedal tricycle down the corridor with his clothes inside out!

I see what you did there!

Yahoo steals searches from Google!

Can we go now?

Love this - I want one!

Jeff Goldblum poses in front of - himself!

Name that boat!

Generation Gap!

There is hope that peace will break out on the Korean Peninsula!

Know the feeling!

Thanks Robert!

True - so true!

Thanks again Robert!

Pneumatic feline!

Just love radio controlled cars!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Largely cloudy with outbreaks of rain, perhaps becoming more patchy for a time. However, further more persistent and heavier rain returning from the West again through the afternoon and evening.
Maximum temperature: 15 deg C 
Wind: South-West 14 mph, gusting 28 mph

UV Level: 2 (Low) | Pollen Level: 4 (Moderate)
Thanks Essexweather.com

Dusk, 2000hrs

My Weather station at 2000hrs

Thanks for calling by!



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