Saturday, 28 April 2018

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a dull drizzly day and I had a bit of a crisis! My server machine's motherboard died, and it has taken me all day to fix it up. All is well now, so it is time once again to endeavour to please you all with more fun pictures!

Sun's out tongue's out!
Seriously get me out of this darned sun!

So you're really cool with babes on board, bouncing around, 
but one moment's inattention and..........

Depends on the angle!
Actually Wills was saying that 3 kids are trouble!

Oh! To be a barnacle!

Could be a remedy!


It brought me out in a sweat!

Not funny, but a beautiful picture from Oz!

He's gloating!

Grandad's a hard core gamer!!!

His cat jumps on him in the night, so he put a lamp in the hall
so that he can see him coming!

Mathematics can be a big problem!

Still loving the Cousins' slogans!

This little girl wanted a computer so that she could watch dogs on Youtube.
Her parents said they couldn't afford on, so here's her answer!

His Mum's mantis died, so she gave her a real funeral!

Their neighbour was burning wood, but it looks like the start of a horror movie!

Hmmm! - I see what you did there - an acronym!

Remember when animations were 8 bit?

Unbelievable! or is it just me???

Harwich Weather for Sunday

A grey, damp start to the day. From mid-morning it should be drier and brighter, though turning windy with rain arriving from the South overnight.
Maximum temperature: 9 deg C 
Wind: North-East 13 mph, gusting 26 mph

UV Level: 2 (Low) | Pollen Level: 3 (Low)
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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