Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We startd with fog for most of the morning, then it slowly cleared and we were able to potter in the garden pm. Now I have found a fair crop of pictures for your amusement - please enjoy!

Go and feed the pigeons they said...It will be fun they said!

For those that have everything.....how about....

Thanks Klaus!

They had the first picture in a frame, after 17 years ( this year) they changed it!

If the cap fits.......

Pikachu - is that you? Haven't seen you for absolutely ages!!!!

She crocheted a cuddly baby, but unfortunately it came out a monster!!!

Ctrl C    Ctrl V
That's computer keystrokes for copy and paste!

It took a minute!

It says "3 pedals - but I only have two legs!"

Thanks Klaus!

This one says " Now I could become a hero!"

Thanks again Klaus!

Ha Ha! - Show 'em  girls !

This is their new shower curtain! - May scare their kids!


This is SO true!!!

Remember Dialup?  - "Get off the B phone I'm trying to get online!!!!"

Auto correct can be an excuse for euphemisms!

The blue lines are parallel!

His cactus is normally rather droopy, except when it blooms!!!

I am sensing irony here!

His girlfriend brought home this most unusual bra!
She says it's for a T cup!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Largely cloudy once again with the chance of further outbreaks of rain. A few bright or sunny spells may develop before dusk.
Maximum temperature: 13 deg C 
Wind: North-East 7 mph, gusting 15 mph
Thanks Essexweather.com

My Weather station's working again!

As at 1935 BST

Thanks for calling by!



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