Monday, 14 May 2018

Funnies for the New Week!

Dear Family and Friends, Busy people today, we treated our block paving with weedkiller, then shopped, then flopped in the chair ! - Now suitably revived by dinner, I am ready to serve up another portion of pictorial fun!

How things change! Moment of joy as a Saudi guy 
teaches his wife to drive!

Although you know what's going to happen you still giggle!

This tree germinated 4000 years before Jesus!

Ghanaian wedding

In this restaurant that tablet when soaked in water turns into a towel!

Notice to Southerners!

He will never be allowed to baby sit again!!!

After an air crash, this engine embedded itself in their house!



The eternal loop!

Harry's Mini Me!

Junior Exec!

Feline Tarzan

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Early low cloud will clear with most areas becoming warm and sunny by the afternoon with the highest temperatures across Western districts of Essex. Cloud will likely increase during the evening and overnight.
Maximum temperature: 20 deg C 
Wind: North 12 mph, gusting 22 mph

UV Level: High (6) | Pollen Level: 5 (Moderate)
Thanks Essexweather.com

My Weather Station at 2015

Thanks for your continued support!



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