Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was another sunny day, but with a cold Nly wind. We did some odd jobs this morning, and I walked by the sea pm. Now I must pull myself together and dig up more pictorial fun for your amusement!

So you have a cow in your pool!
Maybe she's hot!

This could be me very soon!

The Berlin fire brigade rescue an American tourist from a stone vagina!

Very neat! - Oh! No! Looks like the late Mother in Law has come back!!!

I can see where you're coming from!

The Wedding Party is over!

Her sister organised her hen party!

This has to be Japan!

Ha Ha!!!

The look of total betrayal!

Seen in a card shop nearby!

Oh! Look! Mr Cool Guy also features on her laptop!

He was so keen to steal their lunch!

More Wisdom

Oh! My Lord!

They are called Hydrophobic Clothes!

Harwich Weather for Monday

Often sunny with early mist and fog patches clearing. Isolated heavy thundery showers are expected later as cloud increases. Feeling warm inland, but with cooling coastal breezes.
Maximum temperature: 22 deg C 
Wind: North-East 9 mph, gusting 18 mph

UV Level: 6 (High) | Pollen Level: 5 (Moderate)
Thanks Essexweather.com

The blue sky just clouded up
From my weather cam at 1925

Thanks for your continued support!



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