Thursday, 12 July 2018

Thursday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Shopped for Aunt this morning and had a short boat trip pm. Now home full of sea air - which makes you sleepy. before I nod off - here are your latest funny pictures!

Posy little devil!

The animals dancing to "Hello Summer"

Thanks Klaus!

Lines on the wall to help straight parking - great idea!

Love this - Belgian chocolate rusty tools!

Low down bums!


Cheeky boy!

Ice cave in Iceland at sunset!

One Street in Montreal!

Abandoned wooden mask absorbed into a wasps' nest!

At his work a duck has laid eggs in a planter!

Grandma could I have some rice, I got my phone wet,
after a moment she produced this!

This could be me but I'm fatter!
Actually I have a "Farmer tan" - brown face, neck and fore arms the rest is like him!

Homeless jacuzzi!

Love the Cousins' slogans!

This guy dressed as the Death God chases riders with no helmets!

As a kid he loved to pull the heads off his sisters Barbie Dolls
and paint tiny faces on the stumps!

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs!

Thanks again Klaus!

Smart recovery response!

Harwich Weather  for Friday

Sunny spells through the day, but with showers in the afternoon, these locally heavy and thundery. Very warm inland, but coastal districts cooler with onshore breezes.
Maximum temperature: 24 deg C 
Wind: East 5 mph, gusting 9 mph

UV Level: 7 (High) | Pollen Level: 7 (High)
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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