Monday, 20 February 2012

Funnies on Monday

Dear Family & Friends,Not bad weather today, they say it will get warmer later in the week. I must confess that I have been struggling today to find anything worthwhile, in between fixing computers..........anyway here's what I dredged up  -

1.  Here's an idea - cover yourself in LEDs and go snowboarding - graphically Brilliant!
2.  Next, another one of those clever time lapse clips covering the whole world in a few Minutes
3.   Now we've had some mad people on here before but these are real Crazies The world's largest swing!

How about more pictures?

Optical Illusion
Burn off a Mac ?

Anyone Watching?

That Fry again!


Polley's Weather Station
Tonight at 21.38
Temperature  4.3c
Humidity  40%
Barometer  1027 Steady
Rainfall 0.0mm
Wind Direction NW  Speed  5.5 Kn



Cheers for now, hopefully see you tomorrow : ) 

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