Saturday, 18 February 2012

  Funnies on Saturday

                                                              Old Git's Funnies

Dear Family & Friends, How was your day? Somewhat grey here in Harwich, with rain later PM. Didn't dampen our spirits though! Busy fixing computers today, hope for a day off tomorrow.

1. My thanks to Geoff for this.........There are lunatics and there are brave lunatics - this guy is the latter! - Swapping planes
2.  Thanks to Derek once again for this one, having given up sailing, I think a sigh of relief is in order! - Heavy Seas

3.  Last , yet more Silliness - Best compilation 2011

Now for more pictures....

Ah! That's how they do it!

Guys leave it up


Hear it better


Time  23.10
Temperature 2.7c
Humidity 50%
Barometer  1010 mb Falling more slowly
Rainfall  0.0mm
Wind Direction NW  Speed  1.7 Kn

Prognosis  mostly sunny

So enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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