Sunday, 4 March 2012

Funnies on Sunday

Dear Family & Friends,  The rain has come at last to East Anglia, it has rained all day and forecast more tomorrow, but it is needed! I have been delving into the drains of cyberspace, for more "Funny Fodder" just for you.

1. Yes this is cool, but wait till the cops arrive!  Trike drifting  

2.  He's 2 years old and he plays...........The Drums!!!

3. It is called "Indoor Skydiving" but looks more like  Ballet!

                                                 He's seen the rugby on Copacabana!
                                                           Thanks Brasilian cousin!

                                                                     Winston - again

                                                                       Deep in thought

                                                              Whaaaaaaaaat ?????  !!!!!

Idiot next door

Harwich Weather Tonight
Time  22.00
Temperature  2.9c
Humidity  95%
Barometer  1011mb  Steady
Rainfall  14mm
Wind  Direction  NW  Speed  24 Kn


Overcast with a chance of rain

Overcast with a chance of rain

Thanks for calling, please call again!


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