Friday, 23 March 2012

Dear Family & Friends, So the Weekend is with us again, I hope that yours is memorable! Here are a few more Linki and Pictures to make you smile...

1.  The new Volkswagen factory near Dresden is something else! This is a bit long, but worth a look Factory of Glass

2.  The Flashmob phenomenon hit the streets a few years back, this is very different - it's a full orchestra! at Copenhagen railway station

3. Is it Sport? Is it Art? it is  Paper Parkour

Earthquakes are Awesome!

Click the thumbnails to enlarge

                                              Make a longer blanket!!!

                                                               Recognise the Courier?

                                                             Make your own caption

                                                           Drunk Piano

                                                          Welcome mat

Harwich Weather
From Polley's Fun Weather Station

Time  21.12
Temperature  6.7c
Humidity  88%
Barometer  1026  Steady
Rainfall  0.0mm
Wind  Direction  E  Speed  0.3 Kn


Partly overcast

Thanks for visiting! Oh! Dont forget the clocks go forward early
hours Sunday morning - we lose and hour in bed!


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