Friday, 16 March 2012

Funnies for your Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, It was a chilly day in Lil 'ol Harwich today, no sun, but never mind. I have scrapped around and found you a few more "Little Gems"...

1.  Thanks to Stanley for this one, Monty Pythons in full flight at the Hollywood Bowl - way back then, singing  Sit on my face

2.  More Insane exploits in Dangerous Sports

3. Lastly more silliness with the Pizza Dough King

Now this I like!!!


                                         Thanks to Carolina for this one.........

                This is home made, Our car is having a nervous breakdown!

                                          Aurora Australis from the ISS

                                                      La lalalala, la lalalala

                                          Stephen Fry on Twitter

Harwich Weather Tonight

Time  23.08
Temperature  8.4c
Humidity  50%
Barometer  1014mb  Falling
Rainfall  0.0mm
Wind Speed  1.8kn  Direction  WSW


Overcast poss showers

Here are some numbers from my Blog, as you can see we have visitors from many places, 
Also stats on Browsers used and Operating systems -
How they do this is a bit of a mystery to me!

Thanks for calling!


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