Monday, 9 April 2012

Funnies on Monday

Dear Family & Friends,  As it was Bank Hoilday - inevitably
 it rained all day! We do need it however. 
This did give me the chance to 
dig around the gutters of Cyberspace for new Linki
 and Funny Pictures which I hope you will enjoy!

1. Here's a new one...Japanese Binoculars Football

2.  Tilt Shift clips are all the thing, here is a particularly
 nice one of Kiev from Vimeo - It's in HD too!

3.  I am often suspicious of clips that are "Best Ever" - "In the World" and so on, This one is OK  Drunken People

4.  Ever fancied a trip in a Zeppelin? Now you can - it's $500!
Nice pictures though of San Francisco

5.  Last the day would not be complete without more of this...

 Meanwhile at McDonalds


                                          I am the one in the Sidecar!

                                                   Our differences

                                                     Photoshop? - Clever though!

I wish...

                                                   I'm with - him!

                                                   Clever ad

Thanks Ethan

Thanks Geoff

Harwich Weather Tonight
From Polley's Fun Weather Station

Time  21.00
Temperature  9.9c
Humidity  90%
Barometer  987 mb falling more slowly
Rainfall  2.2 mm
Wind  Direction  SW  Speed  11.1 Kn


Clear in the morning, then overcast with a chance of rain
Clear Early chance of rain later

Thanks again for calling!



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