Thursday, 12 April 2012

Funnies for Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, It was a typical April Showers sort of day in Harwich. I finished my chores in good time and then went searching for more "Funny Fodder" for you...

1.  Most of you will be too young to remember "Keep Calm and Carry On", in this thinly disguised advert, the history of it is QI

2.  In the early eighties, the British Government wished to squash "Green " fears about the transport of nuclear waste, so they set up a train crash... Spectacular or What???

3.  We are all sceptical of Statistics, but this piece shows some detail of what we are like...All 7 Billion of us!

Someone is watching you type your password!



                                            If you know it - you're OLD!

                                         Meanwhile in Russia

                                             Without Newton we would have SFA!

                                                    This is rather Scary!

Harwich Weather Tonight
From Polley's Fun Weather station

Time 22.20
Temperature  4.6c
Humidity  68%
Barometer  1003mb  Rising slowly
Rainfall  1.8mm
Wind  Direction  ENE  Speed  0.0 Kn


Overcast in the morning, then partly cloudy with a chance of rain

Overcast with chance of rain

Thanks for calling!
Please call again.



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