Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dear Family & Friends, A quiet cool day in Harwich today. Taxiing old ladies and networking our satellite TV to the bedroom, but had time to find just for you.....

1.  It has been a long help idea that perpetual motion is impossible - Newton says so! 

2. Here's the scene, in college the teachers are having fun, like the Panto - Behind You!!!

3.  You know how it is - are you dreaming? Or is is for real? Little Boy Drumming


Face recognition - Clever Fuji !

Dovercourt Last Sunday

You are not Immortal

Those clever Dutchies!

The moment that Grandma falls over!

Toad with gun - Dangerous!

That scary Bug



Thanks for calling!
We are just about to pass 3000 views!



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