Sunday, 13 May 2012

Funnies on this Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, It was another good day in Harwich! I hope that your Weekend went well, sorry I had some hiccups with the "Weather Live", having moved it to a different server, I hope that it is now resolved.

1. Here's the scene, a mountain road in Norway, a Big Wheeler is coming down the hill... but what's this coming the other way? It's Big Bus!

2.  Cattle herding is man's work, but what if he herded them with  a Radio Controlled Car!

3.  Remember the game? Rub a balloon on something wooly then - Stick it on the Cat

4.  Thank you Barbara for this - I thought is was Fun! - Father Daughter Dance

Ah! That's where I left my computer!

Back to the kitchen





This is where it comes from...

Wind speed/ direction
Rain Gauge

Outside Temperature/Humidity

This is the output...

                        Harwich Weather Live


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