Monday, 30 July 2012

Funnies for the New Week

Dear Family & Friends, We had a stream of visitors today to "View the Patient" - very enjoyable though. Now for a few more Funny Things...

1.  Now cat now - bunny!

2.  Remember "It'll be all right on the night? Here are some Classics!

3.  More "Oops videos of Bloopers

4.  Plane on your Street - clever BA advert,open the link,scroll down put in your postcode 
Thanks Mags!


Well now!

I guess it's a day off school then!

Thought for the day

Today's caption competition

Don't think of yourself

Thanks Claudia!


Wet wet wet - sorry

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Funnies for Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, How was your Weekend? Good I hope, today was iffy here in Harwich. Here is your ration of Funnies - please enjoy!...

1.  Remember the Japanese Tsunami? Imagine meeting it on a Ship!

2.  I love fireworks, here are Macy's efforts for

3.  Another your prodigy this time a girl 

No need to translate from Portugese
Thanks Carolina!

Thought for the day

Breakfast in bed

Happy little chap!

Today's Caption Competition

Evil Space Ship? No it's just a ballpen

Sorry - no jokes tonight
I guess the guys are all watching
 the Olympics!


Sun AM Showers PM - back to normal

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Funnies for Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, It was a busy day at home today, for the next little while I will be " James the Butler"

 - still made time for a few Funnies, just for you!...

1.  Get your airsick pills ready, and experience 

2.   This vehicle has been popular on the continent for some time, now the Americans have discovered -

3.  Another Father Daughter dance, but with a Twist

                                                           Lovemaking Russian style


My name not there

USA Boys and Girls

Wha Happened???

Happy Loo

Just look at that cruiser, and it's British too!


Sun in morning chance of a shower later

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Funnies for your (Olympic) Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, So the Olympic Games start tonight, great if you're a sports fan if not look at these Funnies...

1.  An Awwww! moment this terrier Has lost his owner

2.  This is quite unbelievable - a cat 

3.  This young lady hated Miley Cyrus, 

                                                                        Ole Toro!


Ideal use for a hot tub in Summer
Thanks Nick!

Special erections

Airport Greeter

Nor Me!

Remember these people

Thanks Klaus


Light Rain Showers

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Funnies on Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, How was your day? here it was nice - not too hot -or cold! I found a few more little gems for your delectation...

1.  A Camel with no head - Really?

2.  Take a few Russians add a little vodka, an old prank
and you get...  Black Faces!

3.  Maybe the most relaxing sound you will hear tonight  Tongue Drums

Your Girlfriend is cheating on you!


Liptons of course!
Thanks Mark!

Tonight's caption competition

Real Loafers

I'd like his job!

Totally useless leggings

Starting sunny, chance of rain later

Thanks very much for calling by!



Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Funnies for Midweek

Dear Family & Friends, Another Hottie here in Harwich max temps 33.4c but guess what? -

 It's going to fall to bits by weekend! Here are some funnies to cheer you up...

1.  Their expedition was from Alaska to Argentina, when they reached the Darien Gap they had to go by ship, 2 trucks in one container Can they do it?

2.  A Sad catalogue of Failing Quite funny though!

3.  More people falling over this is the 2011 Top Ten


It's Hard

Tour de France 1940 - it's black and white
 so you can't see the yellow jersey
* Thanks Mike*

Don't be like that!

No comment required here

Inappropriate marketing

Thanks to
Gloria en Douwe (NL)



More sun but cooler

A Big Thank You to all our friends
 - we just passed 5000 views!



Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, We're back! After my Wife received her new knee! So here are a few more of my efforts to make you snigger........

1. Everyone loves a bricky watch this Bloke

2.  More crazy nutters creating a new
                        World Sky Diving Record

3.  A car with no wheels by VW designed in China 
                  Is it a Spoof?  Answer no it's true - 
                    but you need a special road!

                                                         It was never going to work

Look slowly!

You may need to zoom to read this

No Don't

We're going the same way!

Washer goes silly!


Thanks Chaps!


Sun Sun Sun - could be the hottest day!

Thanks for coming back!