Thursday, 6 September 2012

Funnies for Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, So the week matures toward another weekend. Fire up your barbecues it's going to be a hottie! Here are your Funnies...

1.  This is a tear jerking Aww! moment when they rescue a dog found on Google street view, it's really an advert, but

2.  We feature infant prodigies here from time to time this little boy can Play better than you ever will!!!

3.  You may know that in recent weeks I have been permitted to go shopping on my own - This is me in Asda

Ah! You must be lunch!


One day in Hawaii...

It's a Goooooaaaaalllll !!!

They said

How we hoover up moths

Cow says "look at this tit!"

Oh no! not Dora!

Thanks chaps!

Thanks Klaus!


Yes It's sun all the way! Max 23c

Thanks for supporting Our Funnies!



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