Saturday, 29 September 2012

Weekend Funnies

Dear Family & Friends, Here's hoping that you're having a super weekend! Here are your Funnies!

1.  You can now dive on coral reefs courtesy of Streetview - see Here!

2.  Dry Luge ride this is slow to start, but hang on it gets Better!

3.  This is an old clip of a flying bicycle just listen to the nasal Accents!

I made this robot.....


Lost Phone!

I often see pictures like this, where girls make remarks about being 
 chubby is beautiful too, however, this is not chubby.
It’s normal. I’m not sure what’s giving them the idea
 that this is chubby but if you look like this, stand tall.
 You’re perfect. Bet


( Thanks Buks!)


Spring clean at Legoland

My first Pizza attempt

Names on Food


Mainly sunny - cloud at times

Thanks for calling by!



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