Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Funnies for Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, It was a nice day here today. I didn't achieve much, apart from digging up a few more bits of Funny stuff...

1.  Our friends from Ireland have a very special way of unblocking the Toilet! I can't remember who sent this - but thanks anyway!

2.  This baby does not approve of his Mother's Laughter -Neither do I !!!

3.  I'm not too sure about this - it's spectacular, but why are they not toast? Tesla Battle


Another photobomb - Nice!

Ultimate Chinese Torture

We're off to Walmart

Adolf's Iphone

Greasy Hobo

Nippy Nips!

Thanks Chaps!

Thanks Geoff!

After a lot of head scratching, 
I've got the Weather station online again..


Thanks for your continued support!



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