Friday, 16 November 2012

Funnies for the Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, So the Weekend is here again. I will try to entertain in the usual way!...

1.  One small 2 year old boy who loves - To do the Jive!!

2.  This is quite bizarre, a couple in a car stop to change drivers, it slips into gear and.......Oh! Lordy!

3.  We've had juggling otters, now how about...Dogs Demonstrating Chemistry!

I'm busy Computatin


Did you know?

Thanks Carolina!

Iron Man!

Thanks Derek!


1985 - some idiot said "One day I will 
carry all this in my pocket"
What nonsense!

Men Shopping...

Cat Logic

Thanks Derek!

Oh! I nearly forgot!
Tonight is Children in Need

If you felt like donating 
please call
03457 33 22 33

I thought that you might also like to see the
distribution of our fans...the darker the
 colour the more viewers in that country


Cloudy, rain PM

Thanks as ever for your Great Support!



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