Sunday, 9 December 2012

Funnies for this 2nd Sunday of Advent

Dear Family & Friends, Nice here today. We were busy with visits from several family members, but when they went home I got stuck in to digging up some more Little Gems - just for you!.....

1.  Thanks Klaus for this - 

2.  This is joyful - we've all wanted to do this -

3.  Continuing the run up to Christmas - here's Maria singing - With school instrument accompaniment

I wish.......


Did they really do this?

Clever Bookshop

Cruel Male Domination!

Gaming addict with too much time!

This is clever

After our Juggling Otters - 
Now this!

Thanks chaps!

Thanks Mike!

Harwich Weather (Thanks BBC)

Sunny intervals
Cold NW wind

Thanks so much for visiting - please call again!



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