Monday, 21 January 2013

Funnies for the new week

Dear Family & Friends, We are told that the week will be cold, but it is thawing her at the moment, ice and fog are to be the order of the day! Here's what I found while huddled over the fire....

1.  Volvo have invented an anti collision device on their Trucks

2.  They share 95% of our DNA, this Chimp surprises the scientist, by Quickly solving a problem!

3.  We think of the Amish a being rather dull and conservative... 

Just now - I want one!!!


The purpose of Art

Here here!

The Hack had waited a lifetime for this....

Look at the test card

Greedy little Sod

This is what happens if you get drunk together
with your barber

Thanks Chaps!

Lucky or what?

Harwich Weather (Thanks BBC!)

A bit of everything +3c

Thanks for calling at our blog!



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