Friday, 11 January 2013

Funnies for your Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, The cold is coming...E wind and snow by Sunday (They say!). Here to warm you up are some more bits of Lunacy, dug up by me ....

1.  American prank - Invisible driver - 
Thanks Gloria!

2. Maybe this guy knows something that we don't!
From the Netherlands of course - Noah's Ark
again Thanks Gloria!

3.  We think we have big tides - 4m, in The Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia they can be 16m! Drying Harbour

Our race is doomed
Throw the genade they said!
So he drops it!
Thanks Geoff

We know what he is thinking!

True so true!

Thanks Bob!

It really is him!

It starts early...

I'm outta here!
(Banksy's exhibition)

Poor Hilary

Thanks John!

Ironman - doing his job!

Harwich Weather (Thanks BBC!)

Dull and cold  2c

Thanks for calling by!



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