Thursday, 3 January 2013

Funnies on this Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, Not a bad day in Little old Harwich, cloudy but mild. I searched my usual haunts and found a few pieces of orignal art, at lease they told me it was art....

1.  What if they reversed time and we could watch fireworks Backwards?

2.  Dad was in the yard suddenly he unveiled his new invention 

3.  It's just a little pug running up stairs, but I had to Snigger!

Ooh! Look Scarlett is doing pilates 
I think!


Come on! Let's rush to Morrisons 
They're having a sale!

Thanks Ben!

I see what you did!

Only in Dublin

The concert was all too much

I wish there was a real company called - 

Here are my resolutions

Harwich Weather (Thanks BBC!)

Dull - again possibly with light drizzle

Thanks for calling by!



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