Thursday, 24 January 2013

Funnies on Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, The cold spell is due to end on Saturday, but before that - more snow tomorrow night! So to cheer ourselves up here is more pictorial fun!...

1.   Thanks Gloria for this I think this is a Classic!!

2.  For you Petrolheads Audi just came out with 

3. We are at the Opera, the Soprano is in full flight when...She......


You make him look a complete idiot and - 
he still adore you!

They do too!

Imaginative 40th cake!

Someone has a clever Mum!

Even cute Swedish girls look
 a bit weird in winter!

Today's caption competition

From Geoff a Rock and Roll Quiz
Thanks Geoff - sad to say I got most of them right!!!

Harwich Weather (Thanks BBC!)

Bright early, rain or snow later

Thanks for calling by!



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