Sunday, 10 February 2013

Funnies for this Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, They've changed the forecast from snow to rain - fingers crossed. our thoughts are with the Cousins across the pond who have 3ft of snow! Sometimes we get it later! - Now for funnies...

1.  A little sillines to start - Harlem shake

2. A 3 year old girl on her first train journey - look at her Expression

3.  Trust those Japanese - ingenious machine to clean up Messy spills

4. This is so lifelike - Radio controlled bird

The wonders of physics


Clever doggy get up

Thanks Geoff!   

4 Ply!

How to clean your computer in Brazil!

Thanks Nelson!

His Holiness loves Starwars!

Thanks Marco!



The prisoner was caught
 when his arse started ringing!

Was he using hands free?
Thanks QI!

Love cooking!

Harwich Weather
From my home baked weather station

Rain with cold East wind  3c

Thanks everyone for your support - 
we just passed 22,000 hits!



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