Monday, 18 February 2013

Funnies for your new week

Dear Family & Friends, It's a new week, what will it bring? Maybe a few more bits of Funny Stuff from
 Old Git's Blog you never know!...

1.  I think from Russia yet again, another driver adventure - Wassup?

2.  It's the dog training championship, and this dog is On Fire!

3.  As seen on QI a few months ago, enjoy
 The Awesomeness! - Is that a word?

No Contest!


I wasn't sure about this one.....

You are looking at the map?

T Rex

What colour?

Remember this? was it Windows 98?

How to hide the cables

Thanks Both!

Harwich Weather
from Harwich!

It's that Yellow Thing again, maybe most of the day!
Max 7c

Thanks for calling by!



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