Friday, 22 February 2013

Funnies For Your Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, It's here again! We are facing more snow and icy winds, but we are warm inside digging up more Funnies just for you!...

1.  Cellphones don't go down well in church - thanks Geoff for this Funny Infomercial

2.  Multiple wholesale Hole in one

3. This is very incongruous! Michael Jackson's "Beat it" played by the Chinese Red Army

I just vant to be alone!


Glad I have a ticket!

Good try Bud!

It's OK I'm on the case!

Yes even in France !
For those of you (like me who failed the French exam)
It says the Laughing cow is laughing because
 the horse took her place at the abbattior
Thanks Robert!

41 MPG

I receive some bad ones, but not this bad!

 As always in nature the big droplet 
gobbles up the little ones!

Thank you all very much!

Bright early, clouding up, with snow flurries later  1c

Kind of you to look in!



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