Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Dear Family & Friends, Happy Easter to all our followers!
Nice bright but icy day here in Harwich, walked our doggy visitor, but back indoors rather quickly!
Enjoy the rest of the Holiday! Here are your Funny Bits...

1.  Do you know the mystery of...

2. Thanks Geoff for this, the extreme efforts the Japanese go to just to advertise Beer! - it is a little work of art!

3.  This is not funny but one of the best bits of Television I have seen in a long while...
It could apply to us too! His name is Aaron Sorkin - recommended by Stephen Fry.


I didn't understand either!!!

His Iphone

Emma Watson Topless!

Can't win!



Thanks Geoff!

An AWWWW moment

Thanks Klaus!


Mainly sunny but still only 4c

Thanks very much for your support!



Friday, 29 March 2013

Funnies for Good Friday

Dear Family & Friends, Hoping that your Easter Holidays are going well! I am stuck indoors with a cold, which gave me time to dig up a bit more funny stuff...

1. Thanks Geoff for this....I don't know how long before this gets taken down, but for the moment it's Great!!!
Collection of Great Concert Sites

2.  Another from Geoff, I have been in some rough sea in my time, but nothing like this...

3.  To end tonight - you must relax....Watch this...

Twins mirror prank


Poor  Ol' Bill!

Smother you!

Thanks Klaus

The Carp is mine!

Play them right!

No he's not an astronaut
hes finishing off the popcorn..

Pervy or what?

Said Madonna

Thanks Klaus! zweimal!

BTW if you see just my ugly face, 
it is usually when I am working
on the stream software. I will
change that when I find out how!


Mainly cloudy Cold ENE wind  4c

3Thanks for calling by!



Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Funnies for the Easter Holidays

Dear Family & Friends, It was a sunny but cold day in Harwich today. I seem to have had a sense of humour overload, and I struggled to find any clips worth including, however, there are a few....

1.  My thanks to Derek for this, champion Elvis impersonator - and he's English!

2.  This is a bit weird, the world's highest 

3.  Scraping the barrel with this one - Aquatic Accidents


Yes I will block the Freeway, and I will do a poo too!

This little piggy went....

Meanwhile in Russia more weirdness!

Cypriot ATM

Thanks to David and Gloria

Meanwhile Kim examines North Korean technology

Must have been Angry!

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks Derek!

apologies for the adverts!


Sunny intervals cold ENE wind  3c

Thanks for calling by!



Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, The big build up for Easter has started, getting into the supermarket was easy, getting out a 30 minute nightmare - do they really need all that food? Here are your funny Bits...

1.  Thanks Klaus - this is a gem...Dancing

2.  Thanks Geoff for this, Canadian soldiers and a Jeep!

3.  This instrument is called a Gayageum, it is played beautifully by a young girl Jimi Hendrix

Not my words - Tee hee


Is this very sweet or a bit pervy?
Lucky lamb!

Easter's coming, any excuse to be silly!

Greetings friend, I hope you've had lunch!

Meanwhile on Dovercourt seafront...

OK how much?

I remember this clown - he's lucky the council gave him his job back!

There were 2 of note....

This is not funny, new type of skimmer scam - 
Thanks Pete!

Jokes are like buses, none - then......

Thanks so much chaps!

Thanks Klaus!


Sunny Intervals remaining cold ENE wind  2c

Thanks for your continued support!



Monday, 25 March 2013

Dear Family & Friends, I'm dreaming of a white Easter...
or so it may appear from the forecast! Hmmm!
So let's stoke up the heat with some Funny Material

1.  Trying to get away from performing pets - how about 

2.  Question, how do the Japanese make rice cakes?

3.  More young prodigies, this time playing 


Someone last night left our bathroom window open....

Stick on a cold night

 Moment of impact!

Thanks Maureen!

Naughty Girl 1

Naughty Girl 2

Naughty Girls 3

Find the Lady

Thanks Klaus


Cloudy Cold wind ENE  2c

Thanks for calling by!



Sunday, 24 March 2013

Funnies on Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, it was another Siberian day here today, I didn't go outside, so I had plenty of time to dig up some more funny bits...

1.  I really want one of these - LED floor

2.  This guy is an idiot! he has designed an Oreo splitter

3.  This little boy has the same hero as me and he, like me Wants it all and wants it now!


I wonder

I'm about to be famous

Yet more people of Walmart

Buying a boat!

Walk of shame!

Only in Russia!

Thought this was really funny - till I got arrested!

Just for you - the perpetual cup of tea!

Harwich Weather Live

Sorry about the ads by the way!....


Bright intervals with cold wind

Thanks for viewing!
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