Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Funnies for the Easter Holidays

Dear Family & Friends, It was a sunny but cold day in Harwich today. I seem to have had a sense of humour overload, and I struggled to find any clips worth including, however, there are a few....

1.  My thanks to Derek for this, champion Elvis impersonator - and he's English!

2.  This is a bit weird, the world's highest 

3.  Scraping the barrel with this one - Aquatic Accidents


Yes I will block the Freeway, and I will do a poo too!

This little piggy went....

Meanwhile in Russia more weirdness!

Cypriot ATM

Thanks to David and Gloria

Meanwhile Kim examines North Korean technology

Must have been Angry!

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks Derek!

apologies for the adverts!


Sunny intervals cold ENE wind  3c

Thanks for calling by!



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