Saturday, 9 March 2013

Funnies for Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, Sorry that we missed a few days
but - we're back. Had a great night out at a quiz, at which our Team "I Dunno!" won - first out of 18 teams!

1.  Huge Pride! Our 10 year old Grandson plays
The Entertainer

2. Last one today because this is long - compilation


Smart Fart

Another clever sign

The Horse jokes continue in Germany
This says "Better Horse in the Lasagne
than Donkey in the Government!"

Thanks Klaus

No comment required

Thanks Jeanette 2 !

Skinny Jeans

This in Afrikaans means
"Beware gates of Hell"

Thanks Jeanette!

Loads of Jokes tonight!

Thanks all!

They Keep coming!

Thanks Geoff!

Harwich Weather
from my home station

Yes it will be back tomorrow mixed with rain

Thanks for calling by!



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