Monday, 15 April 2013

Funnies on Monday

Dear Family & Friends, It was another fine day in Lil Ol Harwich, and the thermometer hit 21c for a few minutes around lunchtime. Maybe Spring has at last arrived!
Here are a few more of my attempts to make you smile...

1.  Remember Startrek? - I was a fan, here Mr Data performs a Rap ???

2.  He's from Seoul, and he - Balances things!

3.  We're in Vegas ( Wish I was!), and the fountains are
starting up.....Time to say goodbye

I was snapping this leopard when..........


No Phone!

We know where you've been!

Bend a £20 in a certain way and you can see Alan Davies
(Stephen Fry)

Dara O'Brien says that in his home town they are succinct and to the point!

Dream on Girls!

African Traffic jam

Thanks Jeanette !

Large Order

Found a spot!

Sorry no jokes tonight so here's another

What's this - Black Magic???


Mainly light cloud  13c

Thanks for your support!



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