Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dear Family & Friends, The Weekend drifts to a close - Ahhh! Never mind, here to cheer you up a little bit are a few more examples of silliness!

1.  His name is Jumpy - all action dog - here's what he Can do!

2.  We like Infant prodigies on here, this one really 

3.  OK you have air in your water system - have some fun   

Tonight I've gone all Karma!


Always works!

A painting of a man painting a picture of a man.......

Fiendish Prank!

Seen at his place of work...

Thanks Matt!

German news channel - takes the North Korea threat - seriously

He's a Booby

First Sikh Photobomb - ever


Sunny intervals 5c Cold Ely wind - again!

Thanks for calling by!



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