Thursday, 4 April 2013

Funnies for Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, We had rain, we had sleet we had snow...are we downhearted? - Well just a little bit miffed! Here are some funnies...

1.  More weirdness - but clever Hybrid Guitar

2.  We're walking in the air - amazing shots from the ISS - the Aurora, Lightning flashes, and wait a bit - 

3.  On the Canary Island of Gomera they use a whistling language. To prevent it dying out, they now
teach it in school


Er - Yes!

Easily Done!

Aussie Souvenir


Confess, you looked, but you never saw Godzilla!

Just a little stroll with my - carp!

Thanks Sandra!

Harwich Weather Live


We could possibly see this thing in the morning - not sure what it is!

Hurrah - we passed 27,000 views yesterday!
Many thanks all!



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