Saturday, 27 April 2013

Funnies on Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, I regret to say that this will be the last Funnies for several days. Monday the house is being torn apart for a new heating system and new floors, and I will not be able to go online.
We shall be back around May 20th...
Meanwhile if you miss them, look down the right hand column and take a look at the "Best of"
See you again soon.

1.  How to cut a watermelon in...20 seconds!

2.  A busker stands on the Subway platform, but wait a minute - it's Michael Buble

3. Can you see what it is yet? - Not Rolf, but this guy paints with Glue


Ha Ha Ha!

It took a minute or two - see below


Look twice! totally innocent!

I feel a complete Muppet  (Stephen Fry)

Miss you George!

I think I'm a banana

I remember!

Trying to fix it!

Sorry no jokes today
so here's a Prank!

Thanks Marco!

Harwich Weather

He's back, but chilly wind  11c max

Thanks for your support!
Come back and see us
around May 20th



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