Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dear Family & Friends, Here's hoping that your Weekend was a good one! We were house painting, filling holes and other joys. Here are a few more little gems to amuse you through that troublesome Monday....

1.  Two naughty dogs, one magic word to make them behave!

2.  Some infant prodigies are creepy, but this one can jam to Jimmi Hendrix

3.  I'm just a big kid at heart, and when I saw this, I just went Wooooooo Hoooooo!


Go Grandma!

True, true!

My regret

Hold mine too!


No Bingo

Little Shit!

Sorry no jokes tonight, but more 
Wisdom from the QI Elves

Summary for Monday

Rain early - Brighter later  Max 15c

Thanks for calling by!



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