Friday, 31 May 2013

Funnies for the Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, So the Weekend begins here! The Weatherman says all good! So to raise the mood, here are a few more "Little Gems"...

1.  Quiddich anyone ??? Or something!

2.  I'll say it one more time - Get off the Runway !!!

3.  Mr Cool gets a Cool Ticket


When it's bad.........well...

Go on! Pick one!

We have a family joke about Crocodile handbags!!!

Pansies Yeah!

Thanks Geoff

He was so right!

Just Hangin out

Nothing to say here

Welcome to Chelmsford - is this an Obstruction?

Thanks Jenn!

Thanks all! - You did us proud tonight! 

Busta's got a Private Jet, pity about the loo!
Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather from my home station


Mainly sunny, cool E wind Max 15c

Thanks for calling by!



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