Saturday, 15 June 2013

Funnies for Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, Monsoons here today, sun one minute, lashing down rain the next! Never mind keep calm and carry on finding Funnies!

1.  Like sand in your sandwiches? - neither do I !!!

2.  The happiest man is really happy! - nice story!

3.  Laughter is the best medicine! - So true!

Flippin Heck!


True! So true!

Er excuse me sir! Your passenger is showing!

Not much change then?


Make the best of it!

I feel inadequate too!

What happened to Number one ???

How to dry your Fruitbat!

Sorry no jokes tonight so here's a movie clip...

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather from my home weather station
Sorry my wind speed and direction is still broken!
But I have a big birthday coming up soon  :-)

Thanks for calling by!



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